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Qi Gong:

the soft 'power'

Pressure point fighting or

Dim Mak (Kyusho Jitsu)



Energetic Qi Gong massage or


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 Sifu Theo De Gelaen

Grandmaster and 8th in Dim Mak (kyusho Jitsu) and also Grandmaster in Qi Gong and Kiatsu. Founder and driving force of the international martial arts federation Daochi ISBQF and the Institute of Qi Gong Training (say Qi Gong Academy) in Lommel (BE).

Was elected in April 2015 in Munich to Grand Master of the year.

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This is the legendary martial art discipline to which Jean Claude Van Damme refers in his film "blood sport".
Literally translated from Chinese it means "death touch" or deadly touch and refers to the discipline which was developed in the 13th century AD by the Shaolin monk and acupuncture master Chang San Feng and was called H'ao Ch'uan.

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Qi Gong

Qi Gong is actually the Asian counterpart of the Western physics or mechanics. Qi (energy) Gong (work with, explore and cultivate) examines the phenomenon of energy in the broadest sense of the word. It looks at how forces are established and can be transferred. How these forces lead to a result and the relationship between performance and energy consumption.

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Qi Gong massage - Kiatsu

Kiatsu is a gentle, energetic, deep form of massage that is fully based on Qi Gong.
The kiatsu therapist learns from Qi Gong how to generate forces and bring them to the person to be treated. The aim is to learn to work effectively without itself losing much energy.

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