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Sifu Theo De Gelaen


Theo De Gelaen is Belgian and was born in 1956.

He is the founder and driving force behind the Institute of Qi Gong training in Lommel, Belgium, say a Qi Gong Academy.

Here people through a well-developed and balanced program are trained as a teacher in Qi Gong and this at university level.

Thanks to this program and a personal guidance and assistance of a coach can someone even after 16 lessons of 3 hours begin as Qi Gong initiator to instruct to small groups of beginners.
From there it is possible to grow to instructor, teacher or even master.

Theo De Gelaen is addressed by the title of Sifu because he is considered the "father" of the academy and the Daochi Qi Gong.

His has the degree of Grandmaster and this year he was in Munich awarded the ultimate recognition by being elected Grand Master of the year.

Theo can also boast an experience of over 30 years in Qi Gong and, what is important, he masters both aspects of Qi Gong, the healing as well as the martial Qi Gong. Healing and martial Qi Gong are indeed like yin and yang complementing each other perfectly.

Theo found his way to the Qi Gong, moreover, through the martial arts.

More than 40 years ago he started it. First Judo, then karate, aikido, ju jitsu, etc .... At some point he was going to specialize in Dim Mak, the doctrine of vital points. By that he landed on the path of Qi Gong.

His first teacher of Dim Mak then spoke the famous words: "First learn to make it, then learn to break it ..." and so he was forced to first study the healing side of Qi Gong.
Although he had no problems with the study of health. After all, he studied applied psychology, neurology and quantum physics. More than 30 years ago, he already practiced Shiatsu and he studied Oriental medicine.

It was a fascinating quest that has never let him go. Partly thanks to his students that placed him always to new challenges and questions, he continued to search for the essence of Qi Gong and life in general.

This created the Daochi Qi Gong or the way of the energy in the Qi Gong. It is not the form or the choreography of the exercises that is important, but the essence. How the movement is constructed, how you generate energy, how to relax muscles and set your joints open, how to control energy .... The feeling and doing are important, but also the understanding and the knowledge of natural laws to help to develop a better Qi Gong .

Theo compares essential Qi Gong or Daochi Qi Gong with the music theory at the music. One can learn to sing or play an instrument without knowing anything of notes. But who knows them and control them, brings his or her music to a higher and more sophisticated level and can go much deeper.

There are many Qi Gong and Tai Chi forms, just as there are many musical styles and instruments, but they all need the same essence, like all musical genres use the same notes.